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Allotment of Land to small Tea-Growers in Assam

With special reference to the Para ‘5’ of the Land Policy, 1989 & letters mentioned above, the following points may be taken into account with utmost relevance and priority for settlement / allotment of Govt. land to Small Tea -Growers.

  • Preference for allotment of Land to Small Tea-Growers is as follows:-
     i)Indigenous Youths below poverty line.
     ii)Other indigenous educated unemployed Youths.
     iii)Co-Operatives of indigenous unemployed Youth.
  • Maximum ceiling of allotment of land to individual for Special Cultivation of Tea is 4 hectares.
  • The alottee /allottee’s family should not possess any patta land and in case any patta land is there should be deducted from the total admissible area i.e. 4 hectares.
  • The allottee must invariably utilize the land for 3 years or more solely for the purpose of special cultivation of Tea.
  • The proposal for settlement of the allotted land may be placed before the DLAC for its approval.
  • The settlement of the allotted land to Small Tea-Growers may be done after realizing a premium@ 33 % of the existing market value of land.
  • The Small Tea-Growers encroaching upon Govt. Land should be imposedEncroachment penalty of Rs. 200/- per bigha till the finalization of settlement of the encroached land with them.
  • Non-utilization / Non-Possession of the allotted land within 3 years of allotment will lead to the forfeiture of the right to apply for settlement.