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Obtain Copies of Land Records

How to obtain/ issue copies of Land Records


  • Land Records comprise of the following :
        1.Chitha( Field Index Register)
        2.Jamabandi( Records of Rights)
  • Certified copies may be required by owners of land for many reasons.
  • Any owner desiring to obtain certified copies of any one of the above land records shall apply before the respective Circle Officer on plain paper affixing court fee stamp as per the Court fee Act.
  • The Circle Officer shall on the body of the application direct the Dealing Assistant/ concerned Lot Mandal to process the application.
  • The Assistant then registers the application through the Citizen-Centric Certificate module of Dharitree.
  • The acknowledgement receipt along with fee receipt generated through Dharitree shall be handed over to the applicant where date of delivery will also be mentioned.
  • The concerned Lot Mandal shall log on to Dharitree and open his menu where he can see the pending applications.
  • The Lot Mandal shall verify/update (if required)the record and submit it to the Circle Officer for approval.
  • The Circle Officer checks it from his menu on Dharitree and approves it.
  • The Dealing assistant then takes the print outs and issues it to the party after obtaining signature of the Circle Officer. Record of Rights (RoRs) such issued will have QR Code on its body.
  • Once the Integrated Land Records Management System gets rolled out in the State, the applicants will receive SMS alert in every step of the processes and they will be able to obtain digitally signed copies from any of the Common Service Centres of Assam or from anywhere.
  • The RoR is to be issued within 5 days from the date of receipt of application as per the ARTPS Act and any delay may invite penal provisions as per the said Act.
  • For issuance of map, the owner has to apply before the respective Circle Officer on plain paper affixing court fee stamp as per the stamp act specifying the land schedule.
  • The Circle Officer shall direct the Dealing assistant/ Lot Mandal to initiate the process.
  • The Dealing Assistant shall register the application through the Citizen centric Certificates section of the Dharitree software.
  • The concerned Lot Mandal will log on to Bhu-Naksha and from the pending list select the application/ views the map of the Dag applied for checking whether it is updated and submitted.
  • The Circle Officer then logs on / checks the pendency and approves the issuance of the map.
  • The Dealing Assistant logs on and take the print out and delivers it to the applicant after obtaining the signature of the Circle Officer.
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