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Religious Acquisition


The Assam State Acquisition of Land belonging to Religious or Charitable Institutions of Public Nature Act, 1959 (Assam Act IX of 1961) was brought into force with effect from the 10th of January, 1963. The Act provides for acquisition of land in the State belonging to these Institutions for which compensation in the form of annuity is assessed and paid. This excludes the Religious or Charitable Institutions in erstwhile Permanently Settled Areas of Karimganj Sub-Division and Goalpara District as referred to in Sub-Section 2 (4) of Section 13 of the Assam State Acquisition Acquisition of Zamindaries Act, 1951.

The Act aims at abolition of intermediaries by acquiring the excess lands belonging to the Religious or Charitable Institutions and for giving settlement of the same as per provisions laid down under Section 15 and 16 of the Act. Further, it aims at simplification of tenures in as much as the Debottar Land under Lakheraj leases belonging to the Institutions have been acquired.

After enactment of the Assam (Temporarily Settled Areas) Tenancy Act, 1971 (Act-XXIII of 1971), the Religious Acquisition Act, 1959 was amended by the Assam Act V of 1975. The Act was further amended vide Amendment Act, 1987 (Assam Act No. XIX of 1987) the min objective of which was to make provision for sanctioning of Grant-in-aid to the Religious or Charitable Institutions.

Attention is now given to the following remaining steps under the Act:

    • Fixation of perpetual annuity of the remaining Institutions.
    • Settlement of acquired land in respect of which a complete report from the Districts is necessary.
    • Finalisation of acquisition of land of the reamaining Institutions.
    • Preservation of Land retained U/S 5 of the Act as temple campus free of revenue.

This Act was included in the IXth Schedule of the Constitution of India at Sl. 24.