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Functions and Objectives


  • Preparation of yearly Budget proposal for MNP Rural House Site Scheme- TSP, SCSP & General areas.
  • Matters related to monitoring/evaluating & disposal of Individual Land Ceiling Cases, Tea-Garden Land Ceiling Cases, calculation/verification of Compensation Statement and final verification of Ceiling Cases under Assam Fixation of Ceiling on Land Holdings Act, 1956(as amended).
  • Matters related to Assam State Acquisition of Land belonging to Religious & Charitable Institution of Public Nature, 1959, Zamindaris Act,1951, Assam Tenancy Act, 1971.
  • Matters related to Gramdan & Bhoodan under Assam Gramdan Act, 1961, Assam Bhoodan Act, 1965.
  • Compilation of cumulative / year wise Progress Report on distribution of Ceiling Surplus Land under 20 Point Programme (District wise) as per the prescribed Format showing the area distributed so far and number of beneficiaries(SC/ST& Others).
  • Compilation of statement (District Wise) in prescribed Format showing number of beneficiaries (rural landless workers) who got allotment of land under MNP Rural House Site Scheme and Total No. of Patta issued to beneficiaries who got homestead land upto the year 2009-10.
  • Compilation of Statement (District Wise) in prescribed Format showing latest status of Encroachment of Govt Khas Land/ acquired Ceiling surplus land by Tea- Garden Authorities. Action taken Report has been obtained from the DCs on regular intervals.
  • Compilation of Statement (District Wise) in prescribed Format showing pending Tea- Garden Land Ceiling Cases/ number of pending TLC cases both at District and Govt. Level. Report has been obtained from the DCs on regular intervals.
  • compilation of District Wise Status Report as per prescribed Format on Conferment of Ownership Right upon Agricultural Tenants as per section 22 & 23 of Assam Tenancy (Temporarily Settled Areas) Act, 1971
  • Compilation of District-Wise Status Report as per prescribed Format on allotment and settlement of Land to small Tea-Growers.
  • Compilation of Statement showing size of Land Holdings in respect of SC (Farmer Family) for submission to the National Commission for SC.
  • Matters related to preparation of Result Framework Document.
  • Retention of LR Staff of Compensation Officer in Karimgang, Dhubri, Cachar etc.
  • Possession Certificate, Compensation Statement & Utilization Certificate regarding acquired Ceiling Surplus Land to be sought from all DCs.
  • Compilation of Statement showing number of Tea-Gardens (District-Wise) with details regarding total area acquired as Ceiling Surplus and Encroachment of Ceiling Surplus Land by Tea-Gardens in prescribed Format.



  • To facilitate speedy implementation of Land Reforms measures.
  • To provide up to date information to the Govt. (in Revenue deptt.) regarding distribution of Ceiling Surplus Land, pending Tea Garden Ceiling Cases, Issuance of Patta to beneficiaries under MNP Scheme & 20-Point Programme, Conferment of Ownership Right upon Occupancy Tenant under Assam (Temporarily Settled Areas ) Tenancy Act, 1971.
  • Monitoring/ Evaluating of various Land Reforms Measures undertaken by District Authorities to implement various Land Reforms Act & Rules viz, Assam Fixation Of Ceiling On Land Holdings Act, 1956(as amended), Land Policy,1989, Assam (Temporarily Settled Areas ) Tenancy Act, 1971, Assam Land and Revenue Regulation, 1886, etc.
  • To facilitate Tenancy Reforms like abolition of intermediaries, security of tenants, acquisition of ownership rights by tenants, regulation and distribution of land and size of holdings, consolidation of holdings (co-operative management etc.)
  • To provide Suggestions to District Authorities in specified Formats with a view to implement various Land Reforms Measures.
  • To maintain a fair, transparent, citizen centric and efficient Land Revenue Administration